Jordan Bartlett is a 3D artist living in Melbourne, Australia. He has a degree in Animation from the Queensland College of Art and he has created animation content for TVCs, Design, Video Games, and Films.

Jordan's History


Bartlett has a Bachelor's Degree in Animation (Queensland College of Art, Griffith University). Course content included Classical Life Drawing, Art & Film Theory, Animation History, Animation Theory and Techniques, Drawing for Animation, Script Writing and Sound Design.

Early in 2007 after graduating Griffith University's animation program, he went to work for PLACE Design Group in their Brisbane Office, (an international planning, design and environment consultancy). Initially he helped develop a production pipeline for the creation of medium to large-scale 3D design/visualization images, videos and interactive packages. The team produced content for many regional and international high profile clients including Translink, Brisbane City Council, Hassels, Ausbuild, Cape Alumina, NT: Department of Lands, Land Development  Corp and Walker Corp.

In  2010 Bartlett was promoted to the position of 3D Visualization Manager  where he lead his team of 3D modelers and animators to many successful victories in delivering high quality 3D packages for his clients. After two very successful years, he left PLACE in 2012.

From April to August 2012 he managed a small freelance 3D consultancy for local firms, clients and city councils as well as accepting freelance design, character creation and character rigging work until he plunged back into the workforce when he took a Senior 3D Modeller role at KIXEYE Australia.

At KIXEYE he worked with the art team by creating art assets for an as yet unannounced game. (Details will be revealed when the game is made public).

In 2013 Jordan started at The Post Lounge where he joined their talented team as a 3D Generalist, he is currently spending his days modelling, rigging and animating on all sorts of interesting and collaborative film and TV projects!

And in October 2013 Jordan moved to Melbourne to commence work at Iloura as a Character Rigger on the animated Spongebob sequel; SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, to be released in 2015!



Here are some of the other things Jordan has been doing:

  • Concept Art Contest Winner, Supanova 2006 & 2008, Brisbane
  • Lead the Backgrounds and Effects team for two 3 minute animated shorts produced in collaboration between Griffith University and the Royal Brisbane Children’s Hospital.
  • Conducted a solo trip to several major animation studios in Sydney to learn about their production workflows and content management techniques.
  • Usher and General Assistant, Brisbane International Animation Festival 2004, Southbank, Brisbane